How it all Started:

A while back, when I was working for a well known client, I received quite some feedback rather compliments for my work. It made me feel confident in myself, pushing me to think of a day when I would start my own company.

After a few months or so, I started making a few designs that became quite popular amongst my circle. I gathered up my courage and started making a website for my designs which you are on right now. So here I am, an Employee turned Freelancer turned Entrpreneur, with a dream of a place where we can all experiment to create the perfect trends for everyone.

About Prints Pour Toi : 

The name literally means "Prints for You". Your ingenuity and ideas coupled with my presentation, can set a new precedent of clothing and accessories in the world.

A person is judged by the way of dressing.To succeed or be noticed in this society one must look the part.With Prints Pour Toi this is easily acheiveable as our designs are casual, simple and elegant.I believe that good Design is powerful and hard work is essential.

If you’re looking for something Innovative and Creative, you’re at the right place!!